Monday, April 15, 2013

Brushing off the Cobwebs and Venturing Back to Blogging

Gee, apparently it takes over a year to re-launch things - at least it has for me. I am so grateful to my sweet, faithful friends and customers who have continued to follow and order from me through this sabbatical I've been on. It truly encourages and inspires me!  My life has taken so many turns over the past 2 years and I have healed and grown and found love and found myself again... Amazing, wonderful blessings have been abundantly rained on me and my kids!

I expect to be 100% back in business with Mama's Pocketbook by early Summer, with a revamped website, new designs, lots of OOAK bags, new fabrics, new everything! This is my year of REVIVAL. I'm Refreshed, Renewed, Re-Energized and EXCITED about my NEW LIFE!

I'm engaged to the love of my life, Kim, and we are planning for our life together. There will be lots of changes going on over the next few months, but he totally supports me in my passion for bringing Mama's Pocketbook back to it's full potential! So the waiting is over, I'll be ramping things ups a lot more starting in May. I guess that's pretty good timing since I originally started my business in May of 2006. Kicking off my 7th year calls for some special ideas.  I'm thinking giveaways, contests ... How about telling me your ideas for making this 7th year special? THANKS!!! ~ Dianne


My Little Family: said...

welcome back!

Marte said...

Wishing you much success and bright horizons. You have been an inspiration to me. It's time to truly enjoy our lives.